How to Draw the Grinch?

Learn how to draw the Grinch for free, by following the step by step drawing instructions and using the free video below. Stay tuned for more free online drawing lessons by:

Step One – Find a dark grayish color and select the Grinch as your object of focus. The Grinch is usually smiling, his eyes closed. Draw a vertical line near the bottom right of the screen to indicate where we are going to begin. You are just working on the very first drawing of the series.

Step Three – Using an underline, draw a black shape about two-thirds as wide as you want the Grinch to appear. Next, draw a vertical line inside this black outline, exactly where your subject will be sitting. This will represent his mid-section. Next, move your pencil up to the top half of this vertical line, across it and down to the bottom half. This marks the beginning of the third step of how to draw the Grinch. You can continue adding to the drawing, just be sure you have drawn all of the details in the correct places.

Step Four – Keep on drawing! If you need help, there are a number of excellent diagrams on the Internet that show you how to draw the Grinch easily and precisely. Also, another option you have, if you find drawing the Grinch a bit too complex or don’t feel confident about doing so on your own, is to get your hands on one of those ‘how to draw’ books that are often available at bookstores. By following the instructions and hints in these books, you will learn how to draw the Grinch in no time at all!

Step Five – Moving right along, let’s look at how to draw the Grinch’s face. Your first step in this section will be to sketch out the features of the head and jaw. Go ahead and make three separate drawings of each feature of the head and jaw. Use colored pencils to tint each one in different shades and then use your pens to shade in the other two.

Step Five – Now that you have your three sketches, go back over them and make any changes that you feel are necessary. For example, if there are some parts that are sticking out or that you would like to change, do so now while your sketch is still fresh in your mind. If you need to add more flowers or cats, do so now while the sketch is still fresh in your mind. Continue doing this until you are happy with your final product.

Step Six – Here comes the fun part! Learning how to draw the Grinch will be made even more fun by adding in some humor to your drawing. One way to do this is to draw the Grinch as if he has a pet cat. Start with a straight rectangular piece of cardboard, and place one corner of it on top of your head. Next, draw two long cat hair lines and one short cat hair line. These two markings will act as your guide to the rest of the face and will give you an idea as to how you should color it in.

Step Six – Finally, learn how to draw the Grinch by adding some details. Start by drawing out his eyes. You can do this by tracing around the outer edge of one eye and then filling in the rest of the eye with black. Next, trace the upper part of the eyebrow and fill it in to make the jowls. The final step for learning how to draw the Grinch is to add some smiley faces around his eyes and along the edges of his mouth.