Why is the Grinch green?

The Grinch, Jim Carrey’s twisted and delightful comedy classic, about a Grinch who wishes to return to Christmas after being thrown out, has a lot to do with the question: “Why is the Grinch green?” In the movie, the Grinch’s name is Jim. This name fits in with his character, Jim Carrey, well, at least I will say that’s how he’s been portrayed in all the movies.

Anyway, the movie takes place over the span of a single winter night in 1980, and as the name suggests, a Grinch steals Christmas. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He steals gifts, cars, houses, children, houses, sex, food, drugs, and even lives inside the church. By the end of the movie, all of these are gone, but not before the Grinch delivers his annual message to everyone.

The concept was that this was supposed to be the cartoon version of what happens when Santa Claus throws a big party. Well, since this was an animated special, rather than live-action, this wasn’t happening. But when they came to film the actual live-action part of the event, it didn’t look like Santa and the other characters were going to jump into the audience and steal Christmas.

So they made him a green, so he would blend in more. Then they wrote why is the Grinch green in the script. They said he probably wrote that the other characters wanted to write that, or they thought it sounded better. They also said that they weren’t sure if they wanted to do this, since they hadn’t done this before and some of the other characters didn’t like it as much as they liked to write. In short, they didn’t really have a reason as to why the Grinch is green.

The real reason is because Bill Compton (the voice of the Grinch) wrote the original script. He actually had the idea for the Grinch first, but he had to drop it because it wasn’t a good script. The other two main actors from the original animated series – Michael Caine and Kevin Clash – were interested in playing the Grinch, but then got replaced by better actors. So Bill’s original Grinch is now the Grinch of Christmas.

Well, the animated movie followed a lot of the same rules as any other live-action movie. Lots of long shots of the city or countryside, lots of explosions and cars driving through town, lots of funny one-liners and a few well-timed special effects. It just didn’t have the sense of humor that would make it a hit in today’s movie market.

The reason that the movie didn’t take off is probably because it simply wasn’t a good enough movie to make it a smash. Maybe it just wasn’t well made. Some people may point out that the special effects were a little basic. Maybe they were trying to be realistic, but the end result was far from perfect.

I give the movie a thumbs up for attempting to do something new and exciting in the movie-market. But honestly, even if they tried, it is probably a tough sell at the box office. Hopefully, I’ll find out soon enough though!

The movie did have some interesting ideas and the animation did a lot well. But the real star of the movie was Bill Dunford as the Grinch. I’m not sure why he was chosen, but he did a great job. He played the part well and brought his character to life.

People really like the idea of the Grinch being a live-action character. I can understand why. We all love to imagine what it would be like if we could talk to our favorite characters. Movies like Toy Story have created us with these wonderful imaginary worlds. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a version of the Grinch we could visit?

Maybe not. The other thing is that there are a lot of live-action movies out there. That probably influences the choice a lot. One of the other big franchises right now is the Harry Potter series. Who knows, but maybe the Grinch will become an animated character one day too.